The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm
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The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm
Gronbach, Kenneth W.

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Author(s): Gronbach, Kenneth W.
Read by: Bloomquist, Max
keine Hörprobe

Audio CD(s): 5
Length: 360 minutes

Language: English
Dimensions: 194x139x17 mm
Weight: 98 gr
Unabridged Audio - Business / Professional
BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Marketing / General
Publisher: BRILLIANCE CORP 2008
The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm
In business, one thing is certain: What worked 15 years ago wona (TM)t work today, and what works today will at some point in the future fall flat. Every 20 years or so a new generation is born, bound together by common wants, needs, motives, and events. As each generation ages, we all recognize that its members become ripe for consuming a changing array of products and services. But what most organizations fail to consider is that todaya (TM)s demand cannot be projected from yesterdaya (TM)s successes, because the one unchangeable and most dominant determinant of consumer demand is the size of the generation that is ripe for a given product or service. This groundbreaking book lets you in on the best ways to position your business to roll with changing populations of ripe consumersa "including how to succeed despite the looming challenges posed by the relatively small Generation X, and leverage the explosive opportunities afforded by massive young Generation Y. With its simple yet profound insights (along with eye-opening examples of companies who succeeded or failed spectacularly in leveraging or weathering the demographic storm), The Age Curve will forever change the way you look at your business, and how you perceive the generational impact on the entire commercial (and political!) landscape. It will help you forecast far into the future with unprecedented clarity and accuracy and propel your business to entirely predictable long-term success.

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