Your Advantages

Enriching your life, audio books are enjoying ever greater popularity. Even as our audio books relax you, they also serve to bring you the latest knowledge or refresh that which you already know. Tedious routine activities become audio moments.

While we are here to serve you, our ultimate objective goes much further - we want to kindle your enthusiasm for the audio book medium. Satisfied customers are the true heart of our business.

Your hoerjuwel advantages

1. We specialise in audio books. We have a vast selection of audio books for all tastes.

2. We carry audio books in many languages for those who want to improve their knowledge of a language or simply listen to a work in their mother tongue.

3. We place great importance on a diligently-maintained, up-to-date catalogue with ample information and audio samples from the individual books so that you will always feel well-informed about your selection.

4. Ordering through our shop is simple and straightforward.

5. We respond quickly to all your inquiries. We are more than happy to compile personal recommendations for you. Try us out, not only do we enjoy being of assistance, we are also very good at it!

6. We abide by the highest standards in protecting your legal rights and your personal data so that your shopping experience with us is risk-free.

7. We also handle worldwide deliveries at modest costs, quickly and reliably.

8. We are known for our fast and reliable delivery. We seek to make our deliveries to you as fast as possible.

9. We offer customer-friendly payment options. You can pay on COD, prepay or PayPal.

10. Hoerjuwel naturally gives you a return guarantee.